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What Do Rounded Eyebrows Mean?

In Chinese face reading, eyebrows, for the most part, relate to how we make our decisions.

Curved eyebrows relate to the archetype of the mother, so when this person is faced with a decision, they want a win-win for everyone. They want an outcome that has no losers, where everyone has a place at the table and is fed.

Sometimes, when faced with a decision, this person will choose to please another rather than themselves.

Other times,  they’ll defer to get a second or even third opinion. They want more input in case they’ve missed anything and they want reassurance for what they are about to do.

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Rounded eyebrows

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Reading Shakespeare

Unsurprisingly, this reading comes with a lot of caveats.

Portraits of Shakespeare remain contested by academics and unverified, and even then portraits were painted to flatter the subject.

So I have to add, before we begin, that this reading takes the Cobbe portrait of Shakespeare (the one shown), takes that his plays were written by him and under one person, and uses his baptism date.

Babies at this time were shortly christened after birth, two to three days at most, because of the high infant mortality rate and a Christian belief – those who were not baptised would spend an eternity in hell. Neglecting your newborn’s baptism was not the right foot to start on as a new parent in these highly religious times.

Where the recorded baptism date falls in the calendar, does not affect the reading or the system that I use for it.

I also need to mention that my knowledge of Shakespeare and his work is minimal.


I can’t believe this man is a writer.


What his face is telling me, and his birthdate, is that he’s very quick and very fast, which means mental agility as well as a short attention span and a desire to be around people and have their attention.

We call this pattern in Chinese Medicine, the fire pattern – There’s a reddishness in his beard and his cheeks, his eyes are large and shallow set, the canthi are pointed, his mouth is small and the corners are pointed, and it looks as if his nose tip might be pointed as well. In a copy of the Cobbe portrait it shows this gentleman balding – another sign of the fire pattern.

Fire burns quickly, fire leaps, fire naturally attracts attention.

A pattern in his birthdate that heightens this agility is that of the wind – a thing which is ever-restless and moving.

Writing is a solitary activity and requires lots of tenacity and perseverance.

If this man is Shakespeare, I’d expect him to act on the stage as well. And if he did write, I’d expect him to write intermittently, in unusual places (such as using the kitchen table, or the floor, as a desk), have a wide and broad repertoire but have difficulty finishing things, or finish things very quickly. Speed and output are the names of his game

The primary goal of this man’s life is to find his voice and express himself – quite literally.

Chinese Medicine relates different patterns in nature to different organs. One of the organs associated with Shakespeare’s life purpose (in his birthdate) is the larynx, the voice box.

When someone has this as their destiny, we can find a lifelong pattern of them struggling to find their voice and use it. Once they’ve mastered knowing who they are and how to express it, they will then become an agent of change. (To learn more about this, please see the article I wrote on this:

His work in life, what he was created to do, was to express himself through entertainment and change lives through doing so.

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Mimicry And Jodie Comer

My intention for writing this was to make this article a diptych between Jodie Comer and Greta Thunberg.
“Why?” I hear you ask
In the system that I use they have the same birth date patterns and yet are completely different people.
The information in their faces dances differently with their birth date patterns, which means, different people.
So with Greta Thunberg, I mentioned that she has a great sensitivity that allows her to feel other’s pain physically and take it on as her own.
This sort of sensitivity is feeling things physically. They are both people who feel sick when a friend in a bad mood walks next to them, both people who avoid shopping malls, busy streets and crowded small places as the invisible stress picked up from the people is very unbearable. And both people who will twitch at the sight of a painting two milimetres out of place.
Comer too has this sensitivity but uses it differently.
She can read others and is almost chameleon-like in her ability to shift her energy to match another’s. Which is perfect of course for an acting career which sometimes requires mimicry. Especially when it comes to accents – one of Comer’s skills as an actress.
Why isn’t Greta Thunberg like this? Well, in the system that I use you can have many birth date patterns in a birth date, sometimes three different ones, two patterns, and sometimes one blocked. When this happens we call  this person a “triple.”
Both Comer and Thunberg are “triples,” which means that they can be extremes – one on one side of the spectrum and the other on the other side because they are too much of one pattern.
(Apologies if that was too confusing, it’s almost impossible to describe without holding a class.)
Comer’s facial features are soft, which means an entirely different experience of her as a person. She has a full mouth, full upper cheeks and wide-open eyes which means her strengths are compassion, generosity, and emotional openness.
So back to Comer and mimicry, what I wanted to bring up was her talent to mimic various accents and languages, despite only being fluent in English. This is all down to her sensitivity and her ability to “feel into” a sound without giving it much thought.




What is the Meaning of an Uneven Hairline?

As well as denoting character, facial features in Chinese Medicine can also express times in our lives. Hairlines relate to the experience of our teenage years.

All teenage years are hard and troubling, but for those with uneven hairlines that time was filled with an unprecedented amount of stress and turmoil that isn’t the normal experience of a teen.

If we look at Sophie Turner’s hairline it goes up a bit just before her hair swoops forward. This means that the years between fourteen and sixteen years of age were particularly tumultuous for her.

Fourteen was the age that she started working on the hit TV show Game of Thrones. From her hairline, I assume she was fifteen when the first series was released and began to read the online hatred and bullying, and so was exposed to unnatural levels of public scrutiny.

Another person who grew up as child star, and also has an uneven hairline, is Lindsay Lohan:

Again, in this picture just to the right of where her hair parts, you can see the hairline comes out a little bit. Again, this indicates a time of stress at fourteen years.

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