What is the Meaning of an Uneven Hairline?

As well as denoting character, facial features in Chinese Medicine can also express times in our lives. Hairlines relate to the experience of our teenage years.

All teenage years are hard and troubling, but for those with uneven hairlines that time was filled with an unprecedented amount of stress and turmoil that isn’t the normal experience of a teen.

If we look at Sophie Turner’s hairline it goes up a bit just before her hair swoops forward. This means that the years between fourteen and sixteen years of age were particularly tumultuous for her.

Fourteen was the age that she started working on the hit TV show Game of Thrones. From her hairline, I assume she was fifteen when the first series was released and began to read the online hatred and bullying, and so was exposed to unnatural levels of public scrutiny.

Another person who grew up as child star, and also has an uneven hairline, is Lindsay Lohan:

Again, in this picture just to the right of where her hair parts, you can see the hairline comes out a little bit. Again, this indicates a time of stress at fourteen years.

That’s it for today, speak soon!


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