New Years, Schmew Years

We’d all have an easier time in our lives if we aligned to the rhythms and cycles of nature. Looking at how New Years regularly happens, I’m more than a bit concerned.

Although one calendar year is about to end and another will begin, we are only just descending into the depths of Winter, where all other animals and life are hibernating, dreaming. Waiting for Spring.

In Chinese medicine, Winter is associated with water,  a slow patient thing, and also associated with the time before life and after death. Winter, as an organ in the body, can be seen as the womb. A dark holding space where we float before we are released or at least, “fully cooked.”

As such, to do anything against this such as new commitments, harsh active discipline, is twice the struggle and incredibly detrimental to your energy reserves – Winter is a time for restoring these, not depleting them! Winter is not a time for overdoing.

My advice is “new years, schmew years.”

If you want to make new years resolutions and keep them, wait until Spring when the natural world renews itself. When there is no swimming upstream, no one step forward and one step back.

If you’re making new years resolutions, good luck to you. Nature’s deck is stacked against you, so don’t be hard on yourself if it falls through. It’s all a matter of timing, not discipline nor luck. If we mimic nature our lives will become easier, not harder.