Another Way to Winter

I’ve been looking at the five elements, the principles of Chinese Medicine, to understand how to do winter if it’s not a doing time.

In 5E theory the colour associated with Winter is black. It’s a dark time. So if we’re in the dark doing is impossible because our sight is gone, so we must navigate the world by “feeling.” Though this feeling isn’t from our emotions, another way to describe this feeling is sensing.

So winter is perfect time to develop these senses, listen to your gut feeling more and more, develop your intuitive nature.

If you’re in the dark then you need to explore. If you’re in the dark nothing will be straight and forcing it to be so, it’s against nature.

The question, if you have to “do” anything at all this winter (which I know we all do) it’s not a matter of doing but how you do it. As my yoga teacher says, “how you move matters.”

The sense organ in Chinese Medicine associated with Winter (and intuition) are the ears, So another way to describe this feeling or sensing is listening.

The act of developing intuition is the act of listening before you act.

So as we go through this time, how can you listen more to yourself and what you want?

When we practice intuition we are healed.

An obvious example in my life is my yoga practice.

It feels so uphill and difficult for me to stick to any sort of routine but I need to keep my daily yoga practice in order to feel sane. So what do I do? I have an allotted time in which I do whatever I want, whatever I feel my body needs. If my body craves something more intense, we do intense. If it wants something slow, we go slow. If it wants five minutes, we’re going to have five minutes. For me it’s the turning up and listening that counts, not the forced discipline.

And perhaps even listen to how something wants to be done before you do it 😉 It might be a better way to winter.

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Photo by Aaron Burden

Small Update

Hello my blog friends!

I’ve not forgotten about you. I’m changing the way I use social media for this business, so if you solely follow me here (thank you very much) you’ll have noticed that I have been quiet for a while.

It’s because I’ve posting more short form things frequently on my Facebook and Instagram accounts, which are “Circular: Chinese Face Reading” and “circular.chinese.face.reading” respectively.

I plan to use the blog for more long-form explanations of CFR and Chinese Medicine, can’t promise when because I’m terrible at planned schedules. But, hopefully, every week or every other week is what I intend.

See ya soon!


New Project, New Meditation.

Hellooooo friends!

I’ve been studying the 5E for seven years, almost eight, as a Chinese face reader (another branch of Chinese medicine), reading them in people’s personalities in order to guide them back to their original nature (literally, you can have a “river”/”water” personality. My job is to release any blame or judgements you have by giving a clearer insight into you and returning you to the “natural world”).

These meditations are just another way to do that, without the face reading, to help others to return to the natural world.

I believe the natural world has its own instruction manual for life – so in listening to a river meditation we can begin to understand how to be patient, how to trust, how to have faith etc as we continue to the “sea”/our goals and destination for this life.

Through doing face readings, I discovered there was only so much I could do. The large bulk, I believed, lay in the subconscious mind – meditation is a great way to access it.

My first meditation, “The Wisdom of The River,” is live on YouTube! It’s designed to cultivate and activate faith, trust and patience.

It’s the first in the five-part series. You’re not obligated to continue the series or listen to them altogether. The second “The Wisdom of The Oaks” will be out in the next couple of weeks,

This the channel:

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Back to normal face reading tomorrow


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