New Project, New Meditation.

Hellooooo friends!

I’ve been studying the 5E for seven years, almost eight, as a Chinese face reader (another branch of Chinese medicine), reading them in people’s personalities in order to guide them back to their original nature (literally, you can have a “river”/”water” personality. My job is to release any blame or judgements you have by giving a clearer insight into you and returning you to the “natural world”).

These meditations are just another way to do that, without the face reading, to help others to return to the natural world.

I believe the natural world has its own instruction manual for life – so in listening to a river meditation we can begin to understand how to be patient, how to trust, how to have faith etc as we continue to the “sea”/our goals and destination for this life.

Through doing face readings, I discovered there was only so much I could do. The large bulk, I believed, lay in the subconscious mind – meditation is a great way to access it.

My first meditation, “The Wisdom of The River,” is live on YouTube! It’s designed to cultivate and activate faith, trust and patience.

It’s the first in the five-part series. You’re not obligated to continue the series or listen to them altogether. The second “The Wisdom of The Oaks” will be out in the next couple of weeks,

This the channel:

Patreon is here:

Back to normal face reading tomorrow


Much love,


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