What do large eyes mean?

Like the eyes are the windows to our soul, in Chinese medicine, they are the windows to the heart.

Someone who has eyes that are large and shallow set, has a large heart capable of extreme empathy. In CM the heart is the centre of consciousness, so anyone with these eyes can pick up on the consciousness, thoughts and feelings of others without knowing if they are their own (or not).

These are also people who can communicate openly and freely because their heart is open.

I’ve included a picture of the actress Anya Taylor Joy in this post as I was reading an interview with her recently in the Saturday Times where she described that she capable of extreme empathy.

Taylor Joy was telling a story of how in one scene of “Emma” her character was scripted to have a nosebleed. Taylor Joy, so caught up in the emotions of this scene, empathising so much, had a nosebleed on demand.

Not everyone with prominent eyes can do this! We’re all a mixture of different things, but as I was reading this story I couldn’t help but think “oh yeah, large shallow set eyes.”

That’s it for today, posts on the 27 club phenomenon and on love coming soon.

Much love,




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