Circular will turn three years old in a fortnight’s time.

This should be a cause for celebration, however it is not.

They say the best advice in business is to find and create a niche product and serve that market – Chinese face reading is a niche service, so niche that’s it difficult to get people to understand what it is and then trust it enough, so I am paid for my readings.

However, plenty of people want free readings. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve given freebies, hoping it will lead to payment, only to receive nothing for my time. Running this business has been alot of donkey work for hot air.

This is also why I’ve stopped posting, and for another reason as well – this anniversary is giving me a chance to reflect. Not just at the prospect of entirely ending operations, but also what I want to give as a Chinese face reader/therapist to my clients.

At the moment, I’m studying ways to influence and create change from the subconscious mind and trying to figure out how I can adapt this into a Chinese face reading, so the advice/needed change work is self-generated.

You know yourself better than I do, despite how many educated and astute interpretations I can offer based on your face and birthdate patterns.

I hope, in finding a way to incorporate this, you’ll be able to have a deeper relationship with yourself and continue in your life wiser and without me. That is a therapist’s job after all – creating so much change that you no longer need them.

I am uncertain when this new reading will be born, I’ve yet to figure out the hows and whats, so in the meantime, my face readings will still be traditional.

So, as you can see, I’ve not entirely given up on this. But, this is the last year that I will do it.  I’m giving myself and the business to the end of 2020 to work out, and if it hasn’t,  I’m ending it. Meditations as well.

Thank so much for reading and any support you’ve given me over the years.

Let see what happens this year.

Much love,


P.S. Candid comes from the Latin adjective “candidus” meaning white. It’s also where the word “candidate” comes from, as the togas for prospective political candidates would be dusted with chalk dust to make themselves very visible on election day. White in Chinese medicine is the colour of reflection and review, principles, destiny and ideals. However, there is no connotation of honesty in CM.

P. P. S. I can’t help but blend my classical education with my Chinese one and create a pun at the same time!