What Chinese Face Reading Couldn’t Teach Me (Candid: Part II)

(A post on the internet is not complete with an irrelevant, yet pretty picture.)

I’ve been radio silent for a while.

Recently (well, two months ago) I said that this would be the last year that I would be doing this business as it isn’t working out, though I’ve yet to give up hope. I’m trying to give this my all, and initiate all the internal changes to make it happen. And that I signed up to an NLP Course.

This is where my mind has been since then.

Eight years ago this June/general summer I had a fateful encounter with a Chinese face reading book that changed the course of my life. However, eight years in I’ve begun to notice holes in the material and how this influences (in)effective changes and advice in my life and in my clients life.

So often I’ve given advice to people through these readings only for this advice, educated and by my estimation “accurate,” only for it to not land with the client. The client doesn’t take any action and then books another reading with the same question, only for me (sometimes exasperated) to give the same advice and on it goes.

The problem is, I’ve realised, is that in spite of all this education, I am an interpreter.

The wisdom, the knowledge, is whole, healing and fine – people should be free and educated to interpret this how want, in whatever way suits and heals them. (I do hope to teach this someday, but I lack the resources at present, but this is a subject for another time.)

The flaw in how this works is me interpreting in my limited yet hopefully compassionate skill set, on what you should or should not do. The advice I give is not self generated by you and therefore, it cannot ever be self motivated.

And always in our most vulnerable moments of helplessness and looking for advice, for help, we could end up being more separated from our intuition, sense of self and who and what we should do. When I step in and give this advice, I’m at risk of hurting you further. I don’t want to hurt people.

And for some reason, the advice can be really caught on the unimportant details. CFR is great for telling you the best fit of life, job, relationship etc, but not how to get there.

Since April I’ve been absorbed in learning NLP and how to incorporate it into Chinese Face Reading. And what I’m learning at the moment from this NLP course I’m on are things that Chinese face reading couldn’t and didn’t teach me. They are:

  1. All human behaviour has a intended positive outcome. No exceptions ever. Even bad or destructive behaviour.
  2. We are always choosing the best options that we have.
  3. There is no failure, only feedback.
  4. People already have the resources they need to change their life. The problem is where there is something blocking the access.
  5. How someone behaves and acts is the best information available, not what they say.
  6. How is more useful question than why – the latter encourages blaming.

There are other things as well that I’ve learnt, but I thought I’d write this post to let you know that I’m alive and that I’m taking this on board.

Slowly and steadily the reading that I will do is taking shape. It will be longer and far more “you” orientated – no longer will it be me lecturing you with notes. NLP is covering the blind spots that CFR has. The intention is that I’ll be able to ask and guide you through your mind, so you come up with the advice and change you need. Not me.

I also have another announcement to make.

Soon I will be providing subscription blog content. In the past I’ve suffered from burn out with all the posts I’ve written to publicise the business, only to have little thanks for it. The subscription content will involve deep dives into historical and famous figures, as well as the Five Elements (the foundation of CFR). Subscribers will also be able to vote who or what I should write about. I’ll still be doing the free stuff but at a slower rate. I’ve yet to figure out a rate. I’ll let you know when.

Thank you for reading.

Much love,