New Subscription Service!

I’ve already shared this news on my Facebook page, so it’s time to share it here.

One thing I love is to write in depth face reading profiles of people of 1,000 words or more. The problem is that I put all the effort in (an hour to take notes, several to write) to receive little or no response.

(In September of last year I wrote 1,000 words on Greta Thunberg. The articles are here. This is the sort of content I will be writing.)

So my solution is that you tell me who you want a deep dive reading on.

Or if you don’t want a profile on a famous person, I’m happy to write and educate more about the five elements, the principles of Chinese medicine. However this will all be decided by a vote on patreon at the end of each month.

This is an alternative to supporting me purely via readings – and if you do want to pay the monthly $9 USD subscription, you are entitled to 10% off every reading you book and when you refer a friend, they get 5% off their reading. These posts at the moment are once a month due to research and the details I want to put in. I might go up to two but I want to see how one feels.

All the other regular and short blog articles will still be available and I will make short extracts available of the deep dives, as well as the normal short form content.

Each commissioned post will be password protected. I will share the password on Patreon. The article for this month is a deep dive on the Dalai Lama’s face and nature.

If this is something you’d like to support, you can do so via

Much love,


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