What does a small mouth mean?

Reading faces who don’t have Caucasian heritage is slightly different.

People who are or have Asian or black heritage will naturally have much fuller and larger mouths than the average Caucasian.

A full mouth gives a person certain characteristics and experiences but if it’s the “base line” for the race, it doesn’t mean anything – the full mouth meaning is given if the mouth is exceptionally full, much larger than the average. Or, as a face reader I have to take a note when the mouth is much much smaller for the person’s racial background.

The latter is what we have for the Dalai Lama.

Mouths represent the relationships we had with our mothers. A small mouth represents a relationship between mother and child that did not satisfy and nurture the child. This doesn’t mean that mother was a bad person.

Maybe she was too preoccupied caring for her ill parents? Maybe it was a clash of different natures? Maybe the child was the parent in the dynamic?

What this means is that this person has a huge deficit when it comes to the personal relationships in their life. They’re just not able to have the energy to have multiple close relationships, because they are still reeling from that ill nourishing childhood experience.

They won’t be able to understand the language of relationships easily. It will be a foreign experience for them. It can also reflect an experience of feeling less safe overall and difficulty with finding relationships and a location that feel like “home.”

With this mouth we’d need this person to balance the deficit through a prioritising themselves, healthy selfishness, over years and years, so they become their own mothers. The scales in relationships should be tipped more towards themselves, with 20% to others.

These are experiences that the Dalai Lama might have gone through. He travels a lot as his position demands so his small mouth could be an advantage here as he doesn’t need much to set up a home.

This is an extract from a commissioned and sponsored 1,600+ word article on the Dalai Lama through my Patreon. Please see the previous articles on my blog to find out more on how you can sponsor me to analyse different faces at length and in great depth.

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