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Hello and welcome to my very late and promised post on the Dalai Lama. I’m very sorry that it’s taken me this long. I launched this service at a time when I wasn’t ready to give it, due to life/what was going on with me in the summer and the autumn, put pushed it anyway because I wanted to make something happen and introduce something new. I plan to make December “Christmas all at once,” catch up and push out the articles that I neglected.

Last time when I wrote about the Dalai Lama, I gave him the wrong birth date patterns by accident. This time I have the correct ones.

We all have three patterns in our Nine Star Ki birth dates.

The first pattern is our main personality. Our second pattern is our emotional self, stressed self, or who we were as children. The third pattern is our destiny which has two sides: the first is our ongoing challenge or theme running through out our lives which we need to surpass and learn from time and time again to reach the second side – our destiny, our true calling in the world.

The Dalai Lama’s first pattern is earth, mother. His stressed self is the princess. His destiny is that of fire.

In the last post I mentioned that the DL has a small mouth for his Asian heritage:

Mouths represent the relationship we had with our mothers. A small mouth represents a relationship between mother and child that did not satisfy and nurture the child. This doesn’t mean that mother was a bad person, maybe she was too preoccupied caring for her ill parents, maybe it clash of different natures, maybe the child was the parent in the dynamic…

What this means is that this person has a huge deficit when it comes to the personal relationships in their life – they’re just not able to have the energy to have multiple close relationships, because they are still reeling from that ill nourishing childhood experience.

They won’t be able to understand the language of relationships easily. It will be a foreign experience for them. It can also reflect an experience of feeling less safe overall and difficulty with finding relationships and a location that feel like “home.”

This analysis changes slightly when we consider his (correct) birth date patterns, as there is a contradiction.

His first pattern of mother and earth says that the language of relationships are his natural territory. He’s naturally sweet, generous and compassionate. But his lips say the opposite.

This is very natural to find and in fact adds a level of nuance. This contradiction means that there is a natural compulsion to help and be generous, while the lips say he doesn’t know the language of relationships well enough to know how to give that help appropriately socially.

I’m assuming this is a thing of the past with the DL. Someone with this mouth needs to learn how to mother themselves healthy selfishness, over years and years, so they become the mother that they couldn’t have. The scales in relationships should be tipped more towards themselves, with 20% to others. When that happens, what we will find is this slow maturation, like the blooming of grapes on a vine, of “mother’s intuition.” A knowing who to feed and how to give it because you’ve fed yourself.

Going through the Dalai Lama’s posts on Facebook, his main message seems to be one of compassion. The archetype of mother in Chinese medicine is one who is compassionate, always ready and there to feed children, her spouse, friends, and to even worry about people she has briefly met.

His destiny pattern speaks of one of his main challenges being able to feel others emotions and thoughts as his own, and then act on them. The challenge becomes one of discernment, but once this is overcome again and again what we can find is that, this person can hold their emotions and the others, feel it as their own without being engulfed, and offer great compassion through empathy. The archetype here is that of the open heart.

This destiny pattern is also associated with fire – and there’s more fire in the Dalai Lama’s face. This is what I wrote about these features last time:

The inner corner of his eyes are pointed, this means a sharp communicator and maybe with a quick sense of humor and warmth. This sharp pattern is repeated again with the upward peak slant of his eyebrows, meaning the same again and someone who swiftly makes decisions. And then the corners of his mouth are pointed. In CFR terms this means where the lips end, but the line of the mouth continues. This signifies again quickness, mischievousness and fun and adds warmth and light to his personality…He has a sense of humour and can tell his teachings warmly.

Mother types are great at feeding others, especially with information and food. This playful and curious nature, this natural openness means the Buddhist teachings go down with greater smoothness than if he was someone who was more serious. Sometimes we can see someone who has the last destiny pattern of fire, usually found in entertainers because of that sense of humour, as someone who is destined to bring to light (or the spotlight) to an issue or a set of teachings to the public.

There’s yet another contradiction between his face and birth date – the fire destiny speaks of a problem with openness (too much openness) while his eyes speak of someone who is emotionally guarded. Again, this brings nuance. The talents required to navigate the pitfalls of extreme emotionally empathy are already in place – these eyes give him the discernment required to tell what is his and what is not his.

He is an emotionally expressive and warm person but he’s able to choose the moments to show it.

There’s an another asset on his face as well – his undefined jaw as seen in this picture:

In Chinese face reading we call the jaw the roots of the face. Someone with a strong jaw has strong roots. This means they have a strong belief and value system but it’s so strong that can’t be argued with or changed without great difficultly. Having a weaker, less defined jaw, can give someone a reasonable amount of flexibility, they’re able to see one side of the issue and also the other.

I think the Dalai Lama is able to empathise and feel with different people from all walks of life and still be able to return home to earth. Solitary quiet time will be so important to help declutter from the emotions he’s felt through out the day and give him an opportunity to truly be himself again.

Now for my last point.

In the previous article I mentioned that the lines on the Dalai Lama’s forehead meant that there had been more than a few lessons in his twenties that he hadn’t fully learnt yet.

What I’m about to say is conjecture and an educated guess at best as to why these lessons haven’t been integrated. I also don’t know what happened in his 20’s.

When the Dalai Lama is under stress and emotional he tends to veer towards denial. This strategy is about ignoring the problem so the problem goes away. The Dalai Lama might have encountered some painful experiences in his twenties that are too painful to even recognise, so the best option to survive is to deny. And this could be what is reflected on his face.

We all have our weak and blind spots as humans, even religious and spiritual leaders. It’s all part of being human.

That’s it for today, I hope you enjoyed. I’m going to start writing about J. Robert Oppenheimer tomorrow, the creator of the atomic bomb.

Much love and thank you so much for your patience,


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