Create Compassion

Hi everyone, I hope that you are well. On a whim I am taking a brief adventure into the world of subliminals – affirmations recorded under the range of hearing to directly effect the subconscious mind. Affirmations are statements in the first person that affirm what you desire is already here and so you will behave as if it is so. I’ve been using them a lot to great success for my mental health in the past couple of months

I was inspired by just tinkering with my own and adding them to my forthcoming meditation “The Wisdom of The Mother” to make the meditation more effective, but then I reconsidered I thought to publish them direct.

These affirmations have been inspired by the fourth element of the five element system, Earth element, which symbolises compassion, motherhood, food, harvest, stability, safety, gentleness, self care, and generosity to name a few.

People who have weak Earth element will struggle with kindness towards themselves and others. They won’t feel satisfied or will have difficulty feeling satisfied with their life. They will struggle with taking care of themselves properly, or that the world/home/their life feels dangerous and unsafe. They have no sense of stability (that’s probably most of us right now, ha ha ha).

These affirmations are a way to boost this department of your life and create flow of movement if you feel stuck. And they have also been created to create movement into Metal element, the last element of the 5E, which is related to the qualities of respect, authenticity, destiny, life purpose, standards, the long view and clarity.

These subliminal are best listened to for an hour everyday until you see results or you feel lightheaded. Remember to keep hydrated as you listen!

You can hear the subliminals here on YouTube

For transparency’s sake here are the affirmations that I’ve written. I will warn you that if your conscious mind is ignorant of them they work better, but I’ve described above is a brief summary of what they will do.


I am always gentle with myself. I am kind to myself.

I am a safe haven for myself. I live a life in cosy comfort surrounded by things I love and surrounded by the people who love me.

I feed and care for myself physically, emotionally and spiritually in complete totality. I know what I need to thrive. When I feed myself physically, emotionally and spiritually in complete totality, I am grateful for my life and honoured to have life.

Kindness creates authenticity for me. Kindness aligns me to the nature of the divine. I am true to my heart so I am always kind and generous of spirit. I am kind so I am authentic

When I am kind I feel gratitude.

I am gentle with myself so I can hear the call of sacred and know what matters most to me.

Kindness offers me the best perspective and understanding. I can see all sides of a situation when I am compassionate. Compassion creates perspective for me. When I am compassionate I am connecting to others. Compassion and gentleness creates respect for me and others. I am compassionate towards myself therefore I am respectful to myself. When I am compassionate I can truly see someone’s nature.

When I am compassionate I feel beautiful. Compassion creates beauty for me. Compassion creates sanctity for me.

When I am gentle with myself I am making progress towards my life purpose and destiny. Compassion is incredibly supportive of what my purpose here on Earth is. Compassion makes me feel safe, when I am compassionate, I create total safety.

It is enough to be gentle and kind.

Generosity helps me appreciate what is a blessing in my life.

I know when to give and when to receive, both are equal in my life. Receiving and being receptive creates purpose.

I am comfortable and so I am grateful.

Kindness and compassion are the best medicines for me.

I am kind so I am guided towards my destiny.

I am kind to myself and others.

I place myself first in a healthy way. I am healthily selfish. When others see how much I value myself, they see my example and they are inspired. I help others when I put myself first.

I know when I am about to exhaust myself, I stop and prioritise myself. It is okay to have needs and feed myself, it is important that I take care of myself. When I take care of myself I feel incredibly safe and warm.

My life and relationships work when I take care of myself.

Responsibility is a sacred duty for me.

I appreciate the relationships that I have. They bring me closer to the divine and my sense of authority and power.

Compassion, gentleness creates power for me. I am compassionate therefore I am truly powerful. Being gentle is being powerful for me. When I am compassionate with myself, it activates my power and inner authority. Gentleness creates heaven on earth for me.

Because compassion creates clarity of character for me, that I able see in totality who someone really is, I am able to let them go easily if they are not for me.

I have reached and know my life purpose because I feed satisfied and fed.

I am satisfied with my life.

Because I am compassionate, I am able to let go of difficult situations, people and emotions. When I do something wrong I am able to understand myself and see me.

I know when I have reached the end of something because I feel satisfied and full.

Compassion eases loss for me.

At the first sign of fear or overwhelming emotions, I am instantly able to hold myself, to soothe myself and make myself feel safe.

I am always the mother I need. I mother myself, my levels of self-mothering and self-care is beyond advanced and is at the highest level that can be achieved in a lifetime.

My child self is healed, I give them what I need because I am my own best mother. I am stable like the earth beneath my feet.

My home feels like home. My friends feel like friends. My family feels like family. I am content and proud there is so much beauty in my life. My home is found by my heart.

I am gentle and kind so I know what principles I stand for. I am gentle and kind so I know my own standards and I stick to them. I am kind so I can ascend to a high place where I am able to see what is right and what I stand for.

I am compassionate so I easily create my principles and ethics.

I am soft and gentle so I am considerate to others while knowing my own boundaries. I am soft and gentle so I am fearless and able to fearlessly and bravely dive deeply into myself and others to understand pain.

I can hold and understand the deepest of pains. I am strong and sympathetic when I see pain. Compassion helps me with the unknown and increases my trust in myself, others and in life. Compassion creates stability for me.

It is effortless for me to be understanding and compassionate. Compassion creates stability for me so I am able to be discerning. It is effortless for me to be compassionate everyday towards everything.

I understand and know in complete totality the value, essence and nature of compassion, gentleness and kindness. My understanding of compassion is beyond advanced and is at the highest level that can be achieved in a lifetime.

Compassion is good for me. I am compassionate swiftly.

Compassion and gentleness create the highest quality of life for me.

Compassion gives me the best level of clarity, clarity which is beyond advanced and is at the highest level that can be achieved in a lifetime.

Compassion gives me clarity so I can clearly see the nature of those who would hurt me and those who have hurt me. Compassion is the best lie detector for me. My level and understanding of compassion is beyond advanced and is at the highest level that can be achieved in a lifetime.

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