Create Joy and Love

Hello and welcome to my fourth adventure into subliminals. This time we are going into the realm of Fire element, the third element of the five elements of Chinese medicine, which symbolises young adulthood, Summer, joy, love, passion, vulnerabilty, empathy, excitement and noon.

The archetype associated with this element is the lover

So these affirmations are written to generate passion, joy and a lust for life and an ability to connect to the hearts of others.

People who have weak fire element might struggle to name their hobbies and passions, they might be workaholics or overall too focused on the bigger picture on life – they won’t stop to smell the roses, or they may be very bored. The easiest way to tell if Fire element has gone out within a person is that they have chronically lost the sparkle in their eyes and the spring in their step.

People with overactive Fire element may be too prone to reacting to everything as if it’s the end of world, when in fact they’ve lost their glasses or forgotten to buy eggs.

Listening to this subliminal for over a period of time you will:

  • be able to open your heart and be vulnerable and without fear, while everyone in your life accepting and connecting to your vulnerability
  • be able to be reinvigorate your life and become more excited about it
  • be able to find passion in the small things
  • be able to give the best compliments to others (because of this ability to love)
  • be able to be childlike and playful
  • be able to embark on each new day as grand and exciting adventure
  • be able to empathise with others and understand them
  • be able to create excitement healthily without resorting to reckless or addictive behaviours
  • be able to feel your emotions fully and then let them go

These subliminals are best listened to for an hour everyday until you see results or you feel lightheaded. Remember to keep hydrated as you listen!

You can listen to the subliminals here on YouTube

For transparency’s sake here are the affirmations that I’ve written. I will warn you that if your conscious mind is ignorant of them they work better, but what I’ve described above is a brief summary of what they will do:

I have an open heart. It is safe for me to open and share my open heart with the world.

To show my emotions is safe and soothing.

For me, Vulnerability is one of the best ways to connect

I am passionate about every present moment and I am passionate within every present moment

My life is a celebration to be shared

I have incredible discernment and boundaries

I receive the benevolence of others

My heart, emotionally, spiritually and physically, is entirely whole and healthy

Everything from the past that that hurts my heart is released. Every time I blink, breathe and move I release more and more that hurts my heart.

Every moment in the present is a joyous one

I have exciting ideas every moment of every day.

The sky is the limit on how big the ideas in my head are. I think big all the time and when I do so I gladly accept these ideas and trust when they will come to fruition.

It is freeing to be alive.

I feel so damn alive. My heart is full and wise

It is easy to catch myself and ground. I’m always calmly passionate.

My friends are exciting people to be around, they are loving, generous, witty and welcoming people.

It is always safe for my playful childlike self.

I make people tremendously happy with my praise and compliments. I give the best compliments to everyone, including myself.

I bless everything with love

I can easily let people let them go and free them to walk their own way in life if they discourage or disapprove of me.

I wake up everyday sensing an adventure. Life is an adventure. Life is a gorgeous experience.

My senses are open to experience all the pleasures and joys of life.

I have a special energy that attracts splendid, friendly, and trustworthy people

I have a special energy that attracts phenomenal people

My creativity is expressed sincerely and generously. I express my creativity every day. When I express myself creatively, I move closer and closer towards the divine essence of life.

Laughter, dancing fun and smiles are continuous and ever giving parts of my life

I attract miracles like a magnet

I give love endlessly

The love that I give is wonderful and makes everyone, including myself, feel sheltered, safe and warm

I understand and know in complete totality the value, essence and nature of love. My great understanding of love is equal to how much I enact and embody it in my life. My understanding of love is beyond advanced and is at the highest level that can be achieved in a lifetime.

I love to be excited about life.

Each day my heart goes out and connect to other people and then returns safe and warm and grounded in my body, recharged and refreshed by sleep.

I sleep easily. I know how to prepare myself for a deep night of sleep.

I ground myself in every moment of every day

My love in infinite and deep, the more I give, the more I have

My mind is powerful; I choose only the best thoughts for it. My mind is a healthy and joyous place filled with delights.

I am so curious about others, my curiosity feeds compassion for them.

My passion for life is warm and grounding.

My passion, excitement and joy burns with the steady warmth of a candle flame

I effortlessly find matters in my life to be delighted in and excited about.

My life is wonderful dance, a true expression of the divine.

My joy and excitement for life are powered by the mystery of it.

I can easily discern when the emotions I feel are not my emotions.

It’s wonderful to be alone. When I am alone I feel steady and content and connected to myself

I make myself feel good. I deserve to have the best.

I choose the healthiest things to energise and stimulate me

I am beautiful and loveable

Life is delightful. Every time I blink and breathe, more delight is found.

I am thrilled to be alive. I feel the thrill of being alive

If someone misinterprets, disregards or disapproves of me, it is easy for me to detect and I compassionately understand them and let them go on their own path.

I love everyone with great compassion

My life can be as massive as I want it to be. It is healthy and pure and safe to have a massive life filled with activities and excitement

There is a great amount of entertainment and liveliness in my life.

I am eager to live my life

I love every moment of my life

I effortlessly allow other people to love me and see the magnificence of my spirit. When people love me as they do, I discover how wonderful I am

I am alive and overflowing with vigour

I joyously laugh and brightly smile every day

I can be with all my feelings and emotions as they come and go. It is okay to be sad, down and low.

I can truly empathise with everyone and when I do that, I heal myself and them.

My love is brave and illuminates the darkest corners

I am a light to others

I am warm hearted

People are kind, cheerful and warm to me

Laughing at myself is effortless and something that I always do