What is Chinese Face Reading?

Chinese face reading is way of reading personality that is head and shoulders above most established methods. It is a way of being understanding and compassionate towards others and being understanding and compassionate with yourself.

Using the power of Mother Nature and how she shows up in your face and birth date, we can swiftly break through to understand the truth of who you are and how you should be, act, enjoy, nurture and refine your life. To make life fully realised and individualised to your needs. And more importantly, to uncover mysterious blocks and judgements in yourself, and rephrase them and remove blame and shame.

No matter how chaotic and scattered life may seem, Chinese face reading can unlock how life is designed for us, how to work within and with those parameters of personality and not against them. Chinese face reading can encourage trust in life and in yourself.

The truth is that Chinese face reading is old and new at the same time.

New, because it’s hardly been heard of in the west.

And old, because it’s based on the Five Element system of Chinese medicine, which is a 3,000 year old system based on observations from Mother Nature. It’s a victory of Mother Nature, because she appears in our faces and tells us who we are, and what we are best at, in the same way she gives Camel’s humps to store water to survive the desert, and polar bears dense coats for the Arctic.

Our faces contain the same information. A Chinese face reader interprets Mother Nature and feeds back her instructions to you, based on the features in your face and what’s appropriate to your issue. This interpretation is called “Five Element Guidance” after the five elements of Chinese Medicine, Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal, which correlate to organs, emotions and departments in our lives. It’s a way to find out what is healthy for you.

This guidance typically leaves clients feeling grounded and soothed.

If you want to see and read examples of Chinese face reading in action, there are so many examples on the blog section of this website. Those marked “Subscriber Content” have the greatest depth, but otherwise you can click here to read an article on how this woman’s face tells her what is appropriate for her living space.

If you want to know how people have been affected by my readings, then please read the testimonials.