A Long One: Year in Review!

We’re heading into one of my favourite times of year, autumn.

I love it because of it’s beauty, because of impermanent that beauty is, and how finally I can dress more comfortably and winter will be coming soon.

Can you tell how much I love wearing coats and hats and scarves?

Anyway,  Chinese medicine is about being in harmony with nature which means going with the flow and creating greater ease.

For autumn CM states that it’s a perfect time to look back as well as forwards, to see how well you’ve done and to anticipate (or envision) what you want to do in the forthcoming year.

Traditionally in western culture we do this as the calendar year dictates, so in January, but this not aligned with nature – winter is hibernation, sleepy sleepy time – so this is why it’s much much hard to keep a new years resolution. It’s against nature’s current.

So with the oncoming shedding of nature I’ve been looking at how this year has gone for me and where I want to go next.

It’s gone very well actually! Better than expected!

For the first time I’ve managed to pay rent from running this business – not once, not twice, but three times! Three times I’ve managed to pay rent from my income.

Traffic to this website has been the busiest ever, the busiest month was May with over 427 people visiting and finding me through web searches. And months after have achieved similar numbers.

I hit 50 likes on the Facebook page, and my email subscriber count has hit an all time high of four people! Yay! Which is up from 0 in January.

In non face readery news, I’m beginning to finish a novel I began eight years ago and I mean truly finish it. I’m finding less and less wrong with it, the plot is how I want it, the characters are consistent and I’ve finally understood what I was trying to say regarding my theme.

That’s not to say that it’s all been easy this year. Sometimes I’ve been in an emotional maelstrom for no apparent reason, sometimes between the three months where I could pay rent from an income I wondered if face reading was an entirely plausible and viable income source.

Because I understand Chinese birth date reading, I knew what was going on for me this year. This is the system I use for reading birth dates (and incorporate into the face reading work) which also based on Chinese Medicine.

The theory is that wherever we are born in the cycles of time, it leaves an imprint on us and impacts our character, for one thing, and where we are and what we will experience in a year in order to grow – as all life is structured around growth.

For me I was expecting a sensation of an arrival or homecoming, that the struggle of the past four years was finally over – the theme for this year was a harvest (literally early autumn) for me, so I knew I’d find something or something would happen that would make me feel that I had found my place in the world. And ta dah! I did. I’ve reaped rewards from keeping on this online business journey for two years.

It’s said that this sort of Earth year for me, that whatever starts this year will grow deep roots but equally it’s a year of beginnings and endings.

I can’t go into much about the endings, but I’ve had a few friendships end this year that I realise weren’t serving me. As for the deep roots and beginnings? I cannot tell yet but I hope so!

For next year, the theme is royalty, the king or queen. So I expect that it will feel like that I am coming into myself more, my own power, my own sense of self. The last time this happened nine years ago I became a writer and it felt as if I’d become more me, if that makes any sense (authenticity is another theme for next year).

So I’ll be consciously looking for things that don’t feel like me, things that don’t feel meaningful and then dropping them from my life.

What I’m hoping for is that I finally move out of my parents house!! Feeling and being more authentic can feel like a graduation, a sense of completion. I’d love for next year to be my “graduation” out of this house.

But, but, but, but, I need your help in order to do this.

I need this business to grow and thrive, and in order for that to happen I need to write here once a week, and it would be really nice and so much appreciated (and it would make my life easier) if you share any of my posts with friends. Or recommend me to them, or subscribe and follow the blog, the facebook page etc etc

One another note, if any of this talk of years and riding the seasons has caught your interest, I can do this for you.

These readings are not psychic and act as a forecast. I hope to, like a farmer’s almanac, use Chinese Medicine in order to tell you how to ride this “season” of your life rather than go against it, and inform you how your own biases and personal filters will affect this year by lightly reading your face and birth date.

These readings will last 45 minutes, will incorporate a Chinese face reading, and will be at a price of $140 USD.

Interested? Email circularfacereading@gmail.com with dates and times you have in mind. I’m on GMT time so please take that into consideration.

That’s it for this week, see you next!



At His Own Pace

It’s no secret that fans of Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire have been complaining for along time about when the series will be finished.

The last book to be released in the series was in 2011, eight years ago, and before that the previous installment was released in 2005.

I don’t want to put more pressure on Martin and speculate, using Chinese face and birth date reading, why he’s taking his time – I can’t know that unless he sits and has a reading with me – but I can affirm that this speed is true to his design.

And that’s what we’re looking for in a face reading, health of spirit. It is based on Chinese medicine after all!

Anyway, George R. R. Martin.

The pattern in nature that Chinese medicine associates with his face is winter – a broad AND high forehead, a jaw that runs into the neck, large earlobes, plumpness and softness to the face and body (no sharp features) and wavy hair (seen on pictures when he was younger).

Is winter a fast time? Is winter a warm time? No! It’s a time for hibernation, a time when the cold makes us move slowly. For me, I don’t know if it’s true for you, Winter has a feel about it that makes it almost out of time.

In a person, if you’re ever confronted with a Winter person, please never expect them to be on time. Even if they promise that they will and they are sure, don’t.


The world in which they live in their heads is out of time. The way they prefer to move through the world is with a flow, an almost intuitive flow – feeling what they want to do next. Unrushed. Unhurried. They probably hate clocks and have none or maybe one in their house – the simple ticking of that clock can place enough pressure to take them out of their “flow.”

They experience hours and time very differently, maybe even not knowing ten minutes or what an hour feels like because, like winter, their minds are out of time.

In Chinese medicine this pattern is also connected to water, these people are underwater, and like winter, water is slow. Unlike winter, water winds and curves and is non-linear.

These are all aspects of George R. R. Martin’s character.

This non-linear quality to a person can make then unorthodox to their approach, and therefore encourage mistrust – “they don’t turn up on time, they don’t do when they’d said they do it, are they actually working?”

Like a river to the sea, they will get there, they will reach their destination, we just need to trust them and their own sense of time.

I have no worries about how Martin is approaching this and the time he’s taking.

(Yay! Chinese Face reading! Compassion everywhere!)

See you next week.


Advantage Of Being a Chinese Face Reader: Reason #501

This is not a book review, however I am reading a book.

This book is called “This is Marketing: You Can’t Be Seen Until You Learn to See” by Seth Godin, which of course is about how to market products to people. Godin has a popular blog (https://seths.blog) all about marketing, the success of which has allowed him to write and sell off the back books and workshops.

What I’m trying to say is that the guy obviously knows his stuff.

I’m not doing too well with this book I’m afraid, it’s all very “jumpy” for me. Of course the book has chapters, but in these chapters are smaller subtitled divisions on the subject of the chapter.

What it feels like to me is that he’s collected blog posts of 200 or 100 words and organised them into chapters, and as soon as I feel that he’s about to get to the point and finally explain something – Godin jumps. Another subtitle is on the page with another anecdote. Stop. Start. Stop. Start. It has an interruptive quality to say the least.

I like to plow through books. I like non fiction to have long expansive discourses. I like things to floooooow. But reading in this jumpy format, it was doing my nut in.

Soooo, Chinese face reader cap on, I thought: “This man has to be bamboo, or something!”

And yes, yes he is.

Godin has the bamboo pattern in his birth date. If you’ve ever seen bamboo grow you know that it splits at the root and goes in different directions and it can be a very flexible. In a person this means a short attention span, a love to have flexibility in his life – to start one thing then jump to another.

Another pattern associated with bamboo in Chinese medicine is the wind, something or someone that is always moving and always changing.

We typically call this the warrior pattern as well, because warrior’s come here to interrupt and change how we see the world and what we do in it.

Then comparing it to my birth date….a mountain. I have the mountain pattern, which if you imagine a mountain…Is it flexible? How often does it move really in it’s lifetime? How this transfers to a person, is that a mountain likes to sit for long periods of time, whether that’s reading a book, or eating a meal, it’s wrong for them to jump around.

A mountain is so solid and structured, that when you put against wind energy, or a “wind” person, or any quickness in general, they/I can get quite baffled and annoyed.

But! Chinese face and birth date reading to the rescue!

Because I know this stuff, I’m less annoyed and more compassionate towards Godin. I know it’s a true and authentic expression of himself, it’s just that who I am and who he is, it’s incompatible. And I respect and trust that.

Will I continue reading this book?


But more as a bamboo, as Godin would read it, rather than a mountain.

P.S. By the way, his face tells me that he has even more quickness in his nature (pointed corners of the mouth, large eyes), but it’s a side note to his attention to detail (prominent nose), strong belief system (strong jaw), and independent nature (ears coming away from the head).


Face As Design: What This Woman Needs In A Job

Another way to see someone’s character is to view it as a design. Once we begin to see character as design we unlock who that person is, and most importantly, what that person needs to thrive.

Of course this can be achieved through massive amounts of introspection, or a Chinese face reading! Once you know how, the latter is much easier as it’s quite obvious.

In the last post we discussed what she needs from a date, how her extreme physical sensitivity will require someone to arrange dates in quieter and/or fancier places, and how she won’t like to be touched.

How do I know this?

Her high cheekbones, full upper cheeks, prominent nose, very pale and luminous skin tell me that she is very sensitive to her physical environment.

She is someone who feels sick when a friend in a bad mood walks next to her, she’s someone who avoids shopping malls, busy streets and crowded small places as the invisible stress picked up from people is very unbearable.

Until I can think of other areas of life we can explore with this lady, this is the last post in the series.

So, excelsior!  How does this woman’s design transfer to what she would need from a job.

Anyone who has this sensitivity will counter and balance it with control (we spoke about this in the first post), so ideally if she’s in a job that can allow her to control – whether that’s as the head of department or working self-employed, she needs to have a job where she can control her own schedule or “control”/order others around.

This sensitivity allows her to see the big picture and small, so she may be quite the visionary which may eventually mean that she will float and flow effortlessly into a position of authority.

When we live according to our design and who we are, we “flow” toward things that are right for us. The Chinese call this Wu Wei.

Expanding on this theme of control, or rather the opposite, she hates surprises. She hate to be living as a freelancer or hand to mouth, she’d like to have a set pay check at the end of each month.

Day to day, she wouldn’t mind doing the same tasks again and again. Predictable work is best for her that plays up to her love of details – a career in finance would not be amiss.

I would not recommend a casual workplace for her, that has beanbags for desk chairs and is open plan – it’s not “proper” and an open plan office would be too visually distressing for her. When I say “proper,” this person is the archetype of the “queen” and has a high regard for rules.

Okay, I could tell you so much more (and more and more), but I’ll have to stop here.

If you want to ask me any questions about this series, please message me, or if it’s inspired you to book a face reading, please message me 🙂 First time clients still get 50% off.

The Crippled Warrior/Abuse of the Elder

The archetype of the warrior has a much darker side.

A person can have the personality of the warrior based on the patterns in their birth date and in their face.

Like Spring is nature forming itself and giving new structure, new energy, after Winter, a healthy in balance Warrior will be energetic, will have a love of structure (maybe even the colour green). This love of structure extends to a love of plans, a love of checklists, a love of doing something and getting it done. The satisfaction of the doing.

So what’s the darker side then?

Warrior energy or the warrior person can appear to be quite boisterous, rambunctious and loud. Sometimes they may even have a tendency to be a rebel or a rule-breaker, especially when they don’t agree with the logic behind your rules.

This boisterous well-meaning child can often have an experience with an adult, an elder, a teacher, anyone in a position of authority who will abuse that authority in order to curb the full expression of that loud energetic child.

In some experiences, the elder will tell the child that up is down, that black is white and if they think otherwise it’s wrong.

And this where we get to the crippled warrior.

When this happens over time in the warrior’s life, they won’t know who they are and what they want because they’ve told for so long what they want and who they are by the elder(s). A warrior, who overtime, becomes divorced from their sense of self.

This results in a crippling of the spirit. The crippled warrior will feel lost, will be susceptible to the mental illness of depression. They will plan on everything and do nothing. Make checklists that go unticked. Be good at talking the talk but not walking the walk – perhaps behind every hypocrite lies a crippled warrior?

They will feel inherently exhausted, wounded and weak despite being physically whole and healthy.

If you imagine a flesh and blood cripple, someone who has lost a hand or even a leg. In their new life, they have to get used to not reaching for things, to not being able to stand. Perhaps in their recovery, life will be more exhausting as they can’t reach.

This is what surmises the life of the crippled warrior, that feeling of not being able to reach.

For some crippled warriors, they will counteract this “loss of limb” with an equal amount of discipline to get the job done – which will be twice as exhausting than it is for healthier warriors and when it doesn’t work out, this will result in just as much anger at the self.

But it’s not their fault.

It’s years and years worth of a wounding done to the spirit.

Their challenge in life then is the very simple yet complex question of knowing who they are and what they want, and then enacting that and being it fully.

A warrior who sees well can speak well and act well. Chinese Medicine calls these people the agents of change, the people who will SEE what’s wrong in the world, SPEAK up and fix it.

This is what Chinese face reading can help with – bringing awareness to your design, so you know that it’s not your fault and finally, bringing healing not just through knowledge but also in the personalised holistic solutions that I can come up with in session ♥️

You’re far too complex for a simple one-sided solution 🥰

Face As Design: What This Woman Needs In A Date

Another way to see someone’s character is to view it as a design. Once we begin to see character as design we unlock who that person is, and most importantly, what that person needs to thrive.

Of course this can be achieved through massive amounts of introspection, or a Chinese face reading! Once you know how, the latter is much easier as it’s quite obvious.

In the last post we discussed what she needs from a home, how her extreme physical sensitivity will inspire her to create a controlled and visually clean environment.

How do I know this?

Her high cheekbones, full upper cheeks, prominent nose, very pale and luminous skin tell me that she is very sensitive to her physical environment.

She is someone who feels sick when a friend in a bad mood walks next to her, she’s someone who avoids shopping malls, busy streets and crowded small places as the invisible stress picked up from the people is very unbearable.

Previously I said we’d explore what she needs from a love relationship, but I’ve realised this is too complex and we don’t have her birth date patterns (the other 50% of who she is).

So instead I thought we’d explore this lady’s design and how this transfers to what she would like if you were to take her out on a date.

And so here is my first date idea:


Yes, a cathedral.


It’s a quiet place.

This is someone who (most likely) avoids shopping malls because “feeling” all the people there makes them nauseous.  It’s a sensitivity, when unchecked, can make her live her life in small ways.

So when you take her out on a date, or anyone with these features for that matter, it’s best to choose places that are quiet, almost empty with people as she will be relaxed and open, not subconsciously on guard.

Other similar places to visit would be museums or art galleries.

When you go out, choose a time of day and a time of week that is off peak and an activity which is pedestrian – definitely no paint balling! High quality restaurants and bars are definitely appreciated. No night clubs, no loud music, no loud anything – too much overload as it is, it’s painful to have more. The best time might be lunch on a weekday, she’ll gravitate to the quietest part of the restaurant, and better if you have nothing to go to after lunch.

In terms of your behaviour towards her, I need to phrase it like so:

How would you treat royalty? Where would you bring royalty?

The archetype that Chinese Face Readers associate with this face are the King or Queen as her sensitivities make her highly detailed orientated, and therefore a love, a basic human need,  of high quality.  This often translates as expensive, and it’s true, she likes expensive things, but it’s possible to jump over this problem by showing her places that are very meaningful to you or her. She’ll appreciate the gesture as it’s thoughtful.

Now back to royalty – so in treating her, no hugs, no touching until she makes a move (that shows she’s comfortable with your “energy”) as she will feel it as an electric shock. Always be respectful, perhaps more than usual as she will prize manners very highly.

Don’t expect sex on the third date!! No, never! Unless lightning has struck and she’s very comfortable with her sensitivities and she likes how you feel to her, then yes, there’s a chance, but usually there’s a wait.

And that’s it for now. Looks out for the next one!

(P.S. This post was probably showing my general Englishness, as cathedrals are quite common over here and visiting them can be an excuse for a day out.)

(P.P.S If any of this felt exhausting for you then you definitely know, just by reading this woman’s face, that she isn’t the right one. Pretty nifty, eh?)

Face as Design: What This Woman Needs In A Living Space

Another way to see someone’s character is to view it as a design. Once we begin to see character as design we unlock who that person is, and most importantly, what that person needs to thrive.

Of course this can be achieved through massive amounts of introspection, orrrr a Chinese face reading! The latter is much easier as it’s quite obvious (to a Chinese face reader at least).

So in this post I thought we’d explore this lady’s design and how this transfers to what she requires from an apartment or home.

Her high cheekbones, full upper cheeks, prominent nose, very pale and luminous skin tell me that she is very sensitive to her physical environment.

She is someone who feels sick when a friend in a bad mood walks next to her, she’s someone who avoids shopping malls, busy streets and crowded small places as the invisible stress picked up from the people is very unbearable.

Because this physical sensitivity can make her feel out of control, her home is her sanctuary. It’s one of the few places where she can exert control for it to meet her exacting standards.

So I’d expect her to either live alone because it gives her freedom to be as fussy as she needs, or to live with someone who is quiet, considerate and respectful as to who she is.

She’s also someone who feels twitchy if a painting is slightly out of place so, I expect her apartment to be immaculate, minimalistic even, with lots of storage. Her version if tidying is to just shove everything in storage as the sight of visual clutter is too much for her.

This type of person, because they are so sensitive, they can easily scan and spot the quality of items. So no polyester for this lady, only silk, cashmere and 100% cotton. Her place would be filled with high quality and meaningful furnishings – a mahogany table that once belonged to her grandfather.

If this sensitivity is too much for her, we can expect to see her home environment to be almost too controlled. Monastic.

This personality type sometimes has a favouring for the colour white because of how clean, bright and simple it is.

Simplicity is what she wants and needs.

That’s it for today. I could go on but I might make a series about this woman as to what she needs in relationships and in a job. Keep and eye out!



(Suggested living space)

What Do Full Lips Mean?

Each feature on a persons face shows their experience.

What the mouth represents in Chinese Medicine is how well we understand and how well we do in relationships, so it shows us someone’s experience of interpersonal relationships.

A person with a full mouth understand the language of relationships very well, almost innately. So they know how to take care of their friendships and relationships.

Unless there are other features in the face that diminish this affect,  having this mouth makes them makes them very generous and kind. An upper and lower lip equal in size indicates a sensual and emotionally expressive person.

And lastly, the size of the mouth is to do with the relationship we have with our mother.

A person with a full mouth, her mother was likely to be the one important and most significant relationship she had in life.

Angelina Jolie, from what I’ve read, seems to have had this relationship with her own mother. Here’s a short video clip if you’d like to watch it:

What Does A Strong Jawline Mean?

Chinese Face Reading calls jawlines such as Mr Malek’s, “the strong roots of the tree.”

A tree who has strong roots, such as a large oak, will not been easily blown over or swayed. So when someone has this jawline it means they have a strong system of beliefs or ethics that isn’t available to be swayed by public opinion. They’re stubborn.

Because of this strong system, some people will feel subconsciously protected by this person – as if they can speak up on their behalf.

Every feature in Chinese face reading has an upside and a downside.

The downside to this jawline can mean that someone is too fixed in their beliefs.

If you present or contradict their views, even if your argument is logically the better, they will not listen. Sometimes with this person it’s either their way or the high way!

Lastly, one more important thing about a strong jawline – you have about three seconds to make a good impression!

It’s not that this person is judgemental, it’s just that once they have an idea of who you are in their minds, it’s incredibly difficult for them to change like it’s difficult to change how the roots of a tree grow.

Do you know someone who’s had plastic surgery on their jaw?

If it was to strengthen their jaw, did you notice them becoming more decided in their opinions?

Or, if it was to weaken it, did you notice them becoming more flexible and open minded?

Or, has the above described you or a friend?

Let me know in the comments below!!

Much love,



Why More Than One Face Reading?

A face reading is not exactly me telling you what each and every piece of your face means. Unless (a) you’ve specifically requested it, or (b) I happen to bring up a relevant feature to your problem and tell you what it means.

This is going to be difficult without getting into the confusing specifics, so I’m going to do my best.

When I read a face and birth date I’m looking for how you’ve been designed and then, in a reading, I will give you information to coach you to “flow” or “work” with this design so you create more ease in your life.

I say design because, nothing in nature is left to random and we are a part of nature. Chinese face reading is based on observations in nature.

Our design would tell us where we need to be to thrive, what would best fit us (Camels have not developed for arctic life) – which is where I come in.

Because Chinese face reading works with design, it’s really quite endless.

For example, the Camel. You’re the camel, you’ve come to me for a reading but you don’t know you’ve been designed for a desert life.

So your first reading is “how come all this cold weather doesn’t suit me? Why am I so lonely? I try and I try to make this work and it doesn’t!”

And I say, “that’s the first sign you’re going against something not meant for who you are. I think you come up against a lot of areas in your life that feel hard or difficult or plain exhausting and you believe the answer is to stick through it. I don’t think that’s ever led to anything good.  Have a holiday in a desert and maybe try being in a herd? I don’t know if you know, but your face is telling me you need a tribe and lots of other camels like to hang out in deserts. I’m sure you’ll find lots of other like minded people there.”

Several months down the line you meet another nice camel in the desert. It’s fun at first but slowly he talks more and more about himself, his emotions, his hobbies, and you not being interested in his hobbies – it means a break up!

So your second reading is “Why is he like this? I thought we were compatible but we’re not!”

And I say, “okay Camel, it’s perfect in some ways because you listen and listen to him because you’re so considerate. What is going on with him is that he has such a fun personality, we call this the fire type, and he’s so in touch and vocal with his feeling but like fire, he’s the spotlight, he likes being in the spotlight. Which is great and good and fine but it means he can be self absorbed at times. This issue with his hobbies relates to the heart (the heart is the organ associated with fire), so when you reject (that’s how he sees it) his hobbies, you reject his heart. But, there’s a pattern in your face which means you tough it out longer than necessary – like that situation in the arctic – so I suspect that this has been going on a long time and you’ve only just reached out. How difficult is it for you to receive help?…”

Sometimes there is such a glut of information to be given, or that an issue is so large and complex that only multiple sessions of coaching will do. Or you might come back, like Camel, for a different issue for different coaching on the same pattern (the issue of taking the long way round or putting up with more than what is necessary).

For some people one reading is enough, they want confirmation or they are just plain curious. For others…..they are a Camel!

If you have any questions or anything above needs clarification, don’t hesitate to contact me.