New Subscription Service!

I’ve already shared this news on my Facebook page, so it’s time to share it here.

One thing I love is to write in depth face reading profiles of people of 1,000 words or more. The problem is that I put all the effort in (an hour to take notes, several to write) to receive little or no response.

(In September of last year I wrote 1,000 words on Greta Thunberg. The articles are here. This is the sort of content I will be writing.)

So my solution is that you tell me who you want a deep dive reading on.

Or if you don’t want a profile on a famous person, I’m happy to write and educate more about the five elements, the principles of Chinese medicine. However this will all be decided by a vote on patreon at the end of each month.

This is an alternative to supporting me purely via readings – and if you do want to pay the monthly $9 USD subscription, you are entitled to 10% off every reading you book and when you refer a friend, they get 5% off their reading. These posts at the moment are once a month due to research and the details I want to put in. I might go up to two but I want to see how one feels.

All the other regular and short blog articles will still be available and I will make short extracts available of the deep dives, as well as the normal short form content.

Each commissioned post will be password protected. I will share the password on Patreon. The article for this month is a deep dive on the Dalai Lama’s face and nature.

If this is something you’d like to support, you can do so via

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New Meditation: The Wisdom of The Fire

I’ve finally uploaded it onto YouTube (see link below) and Insight Timer. Please check it out and let me know what you think.

“This track is halfway between fairytale and guided meditation. We follow a story of a fire and how he has managed his emotions and how he listens to his heart. If we evolve these natural fire-ey qualities in our lives, how much easier would it be? This is the 3rd in a 5-part series based on the 5 element system of Chinese Medicine, encouraging us to return to the natural world.  Listening to the first and second meditations in the series is recommended but not required.”

If you enjoy this meditation (or any of the others) and find yourself coming back to listen to it repeatedly, please consider supporting me further by donating to my Patreon, emailing me and requesting to purchase for £30, or making a one time donation through PayPal or through Insight timer.

What Chinese Face Reading Couldn’t Teach Me (Candid: Part II)

(A post on the internet is not complete with an irrelevant, yet pretty picture.)

I’ve been radio silent for a while.

Recently (well, two months ago) I said that this would be the last year that I would be doing this business as it isn’t working out, though I’ve yet to give up hope. I’m trying to give this my all, and initiate all the internal changes to make it happen. And that I signed up to an NLP Course.

This is where my mind has been since then.

Eight years ago this June/general summer I had a fateful encounter with a Chinese face reading book that changed the course of my life. However, eight years in I’ve begun to notice holes in the material and how this influences (in)effective changes and advice in my life and in my clients life.

So often I’ve given advice to people through these readings only for this advice, educated and by my estimation “accurate,” only for it to not land with the client. The client doesn’t take any action and then books another reading with the same question, only for me (sometimes exasperated) to give the same advice and on it goes.

The problem is, I’ve realised, is that in spite of all this education, I am an interpreter.

The wisdom, the knowledge, is whole, healing and fine – people should be free and educated to interpret this how want, in whatever way suits and heals them. (I do hope to teach this someday, but I lack the resources at present, but this is a subject for another time.)

The flaw in how this works is me interpreting in my limited yet hopefully compassionate skill set, on what you should or should not do. The advice I give is not self generated by you and therefore, it cannot ever be self motivated.

And always in our most vulnerable moments of helplessness and looking for advice, for help, we could end up being more separated from our intuition, sense of self and who and what we should do. When I step in and give this advice, I’m at risk of hurting you further. I don’t want to hurt people.

And for some reason, the advice can be really caught on the unimportant details. CFR is great for telling you the best fit of life, job, relationship etc, but not how to get there.

Since April I’ve been absorbed in learning NLP and how to incorporate it into Chinese Face Reading. And what I’m learning at the moment from this NLP course I’m on are things that Chinese face reading couldn’t and didn’t teach me. They are:

  1. All human behaviour has a intended positive outcome. No exceptions ever. Even bad or destructive behaviour.
  2. We are always choosing the best options that we have.
  3. There is no failure, only feedback.
  4. People already have the resources they need to change their life. The problem is where there is something blocking the access.
  5. How someone behaves and acts is the best information available, not what they say.
  6. How is more useful question than why – the latter encourages blaming.

There are other things as well that I’ve learnt, but I thought I’d write this post to let you know that I’m alive and that I’m taking this on board.

Slowly and steadily the reading that I will do is taking shape. It will be longer and far more “you” orientated – no longer will it be me lecturing you with notes. NLP is covering the blind spots that CFR has. The intention is that I’ll be able to ask and guide you through your mind, so you come up with the advice and change you need. Not me.

I also have another announcement to make.

Soon I will be providing subscription blog content. In the past I’ve suffered from burn out with all the posts I’ve written to publicise the business, only to have little thanks for it. The subscription content will involve deep dives into historical and famous figures, as well as the Five Elements (the foundation of CFR). Subscribers will also be able to vote who or what I should write about. I’ll still be doing the free stuff but at a slower rate. I’ve yet to figure out a rate. I’ll let you know when.

Thank you for reading.

Much love,



Circular will turn three years old in a fortnight’s time.

This should be a cause for celebration, however it is not.

They say the best advice in business is to find and create a niche product and serve that market – Chinese face reading is a niche service, so niche that’s it difficult to get people to understand what it is and then trust it enough, so I am paid for my readings.

However, plenty of people want free readings. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve given freebies, hoping it will lead to payment, only to receive nothing for my time. Running this business has been alot of donkey work for hot air.

This is also why I’ve stopped posting, and for another reason as well – this anniversary is giving me a chance to reflect. Not just at the prospect of entirely ending operations, but also what I want to give as a Chinese face reader/therapist to my clients.

At the moment, I’m studying ways to influence and create change from the subconscious mind and trying to figure out how I can adapt this into a Chinese face reading, so the advice/needed change work is self-generated.

You know yourself better than I do, despite how many educated and astute interpretations I can offer based on your face and birthdate patterns.

I hope, in finding a way to incorporate this, you’ll be able to have a deeper relationship with yourself and continue in your life wiser and without me. That is a therapist’s job after all – creating so much change that you no longer need them.

I am uncertain when this new reading will be born, I’ve yet to figure out the hows and whats, so in the meantime, my face readings will still be traditional.

So, as you can see, I’ve not entirely given up on this. But, this is the last year that I will do it.  I’m giving myself and the business to the end of 2020 to work out, and if it hasn’t,  I’m ending it. Meditations as well.

Thank so much for reading and any support you’ve given me over the years.

Let see what happens this year.

Much love,


P.S. Candid comes from the Latin adjective “candidus” meaning white. It’s also where the word “candidate” comes from, as the togas for prospective political candidates would be dusted with chalk dust to make themselves very visible on election day. White in Chinese medicine is the colour of reflection and review, principles, destiny and ideals. However, there is no connotation of honesty in CM.

P. P. S. I can’t help but blend my classical education with my Chinese one and create a pun at the same time!



New Meditation!


My new meditation “The Wisdom of The Oaks” is out now on YouTube. It’s the second in a five part series, this time exploring forgiveness, confidence and individuality.

This meditation is inspired by the second element, wood element, in the five element system. Wood element is associated with new life, Spring, and morning time. The verb to describe wood element is “to do.”  Organs associated with wood element are the liver, eyes, the voice and gallbladder.

If you’d like to purchase this for private playing, then please email me and we can sort out payment. Each meditation is £30 GBP.

Much love,



The One You Learn From

On the road leading to Valentine’s day, I found myself perusing the film commentary section of YouTube, finding one in particular that asked the question: “What is the point in a doomed romance?”

In so many films, in so many books and stories, the approach to romance is to have two white, youthful and heterosexual people struggle before ultimately having their happy ending. Which is to say, their reunion or their final coming together.

We don’t see them age. We don’t see work or career commitments affecting their relationship, or even parenthood for that matter. We don’t see them change, or one change so much that the other can’t understand the other – irreconcilable differences – so they divorce.

Our whole myth around finding “the one” is based on two white, youthful and heterosexual people in the first phases of love who believe no change will happen and they will be with this person forever.

I know my expectations of romantic love certainly have been moulded (or poisoned) by the “love at first sight” myth or even the story of Romeo and Juliet. For R&J I was fascinated at the passion portrayed and desperately desired romantic love but at the same time, I feared it. I didn’t want love to kill me. I didn’t want to be that mad. So I regarded my coupled peers in disdain.

And I also expected to just look at someone and “know,” and also to meet them in a sweet, cute and easy fairy tale location.

The bar had already been set high enough with the expected qualifications of “life partner,” so why not set it higher with how the meeting had to happen?

But, what is the point of a doomed romance?

When the end goal of a narrative changes to the lovers ultimately separating, the story can explore the sadder and more bittersweet or obsessive aspects of falling in love without romanticising them – excuse the pun.

It can begin to explore life after the haze of romance and the idea of lust not equating to compatibility.

Often, when we break up with someone who is not going to be our wife or husband, they turn out to be “the one we learn from” rather than “the one.”

The breakup, however painful it might be, is a point of clarification. Who are we? What do we want?  What is important to us?

That is the point of a “doomed romance.”

I don’t argue that fated by the stars, designed for each other lovers don’t exist, but for most of us, those who will learn from many, it’s a case of trial and error with self-improvement and self-growth at its core.

And that’s how the ancient Chinese saw it, growth feeds love. The commitment to the self as an individual feeds love.

In self-growth, we grow towards what we will love and those who will love us and grow away from that which no longer loves us. But the commitment to growth must come before love.

I didn’t want to release this on Valentine’s day as it seems to be deliberately contradictory to the overall message of the day!

What I want to end with is a question: What do you believe about love? How has this been moulded by the stories you’ve been read and told? How has this been moulded by your experiences? And what you believe, is it really true?

What I like about the doomed romance is that, in some renditions, it lends a sort of fluidity to the story that can feel healthy. The absolutism of the eternal romance however, can feel sick because it is so fixed.

So if you don’t understand the last question let me rephrase:

And what you believe, is it absolute? How does it feel to have that belief?

Your intuition will give you the answers.

Much love,




What do large eyes mean?

Like the eyes are the windows to our soul, in Chinese medicine, they are the windows to the heart.

Someone who has eyes that are large and shallow set, has a large heart capable of extreme empathy. In CM the heart is the centre of consciousness, so anyone with these eyes can pick up on the consciousness, thoughts and feelings of others without knowing if they are their own (or not).

These are also people who can communicate openly and freely because their heart is open.

I’ve included a picture of the actress Anya Taylor Joy in this post as I was reading an interview with her recently in the Saturday Times where she described that she capable of extreme empathy.

Taylor Joy was telling a story of how in one scene of “Emma” her character was scripted to have a nosebleed. Taylor Joy, so caught up in the emotions of this scene, empathising so much, had a nosebleed on demand.

Not everyone with prominent eyes can do this! We’re all a mixture of different things, but as I was reading this story I couldn’t help but think “oh yeah, large shallow set eyes.”

That’s it for today, posts on the 27 club phenomenon and on love coming soon.

Much love,




Another Way to Winter

I’ve been looking at the five elements, the principles of Chinese Medicine, to understand how to do winter if it’s not a doing time.

In 5E theory the colour associated with Winter is black. It’s a dark time. So if we’re in the dark doing is impossible because our sight is gone, so we must navigate the world by “feeling.” Though this feeling isn’t from our emotions, another way to describe this feeling is sensing.

So winter is perfect time to develop these senses, listen to your gut feeling more and more, develop your intuitive nature.

If you’re in the dark then you need to explore. If you’re in the dark nothing will be straight and forcing it to be so, it’s against nature.

The question, if you have to “do” anything at all this winter (which I know we all do) it’s not a matter of doing but how you do it. As my yoga teacher says, “how you move matters.”

The sense organ in Chinese Medicine associated with Winter (and intuition) are the ears, So another way to describe this feeling or sensing is listening.

The act of developing intuition is the act of listening before you act.

So as we go through this time, how can you listen more to yourself and what you want?

When we practice intuition we are healed.

An obvious example in my life is my yoga practice.

It feels so uphill and difficult for me to stick to any sort of routine but I need to keep my daily yoga practice in order to feel sane. So what do I do? I have an allotted time in which I do whatever I want, whatever I feel my body needs. If my body craves something more intense, we do intense. If it wants something slow, we go slow. If it wants five minutes, we’re going to have five minutes. For me it’s the turning up and listening that counts, not the forced discipline.

And perhaps even listen to how something wants to be done before you do it 😉 It might be a better way to winter.

Much love,




Photo by Aaron Burden

Small Update

Hello my blog friends!

I’ve not forgotten about you. I’m changing the way I use social media for this business, so if you solely follow me here (thank you very much) you’ll have noticed that I have been quiet for a while.

It’s because I’ve posting more short form things frequently on my Facebook and Instagram accounts, which are “Circular: Chinese Face Reading” and “circular.chinese.face.reading” respectively.

I plan to use the blog for more long-form explanations of CFR and Chinese Medicine, can’t promise when because I’m terrible at planned schedules. But, hopefully, every week or every other week is what I intend.

See ya soon!


New Project, New Meditation.

Hellooooo friends!

I’ve been studying the 5E for seven years, almost eight, as a Chinese face reader (another branch of Chinese medicine), reading them in people’s personalities in order to guide them back to their original nature (literally, you can have a “river”/”water” personality. My job is to release any blame or judgements you have by giving a clearer insight into you and returning you to the “natural world”).

These meditations are just another way to do that, without the face reading, to help others to return to the natural world.

I believe the natural world has its own instruction manual for life – so in listening to a river meditation we can begin to understand how to be patient, how to trust, how to have faith etc as we continue to the “sea”/our goals and destination for this life.

Through doing face readings, I discovered there was only so much I could do. The large bulk, I believed, lay in the subconscious mind – meditation is a great way to access it.

My first meditation, “The Wisdom of The River,” is live on YouTube! It’s designed to cultivate and activate faith, trust and patience.

It’s the first in the five-part series. You’re not obligated to continue the series or listen to them altogether. The second “The Wisdom of The Oaks” will be out in the next couple of weeks,

This the channel:

Patreon is here:

Back to normal face reading tomorrow


Much love,