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I’ve already shared this news on my Facebook page, so it’s time to share it here.

One thing I love is to write in depth face reading profiles of people of 1,000 words or more. The problem is that I put all the effort in (an hour to take notes, several to write) to receive little or no response.

(In September of last year I wrote 1,000 words on Greta Thunberg. The articles are here. This is the sort of content I will be writing.)

So my solution is that you tell me who you want a deep dive reading on.

Or if you don’t want a profile on a famous person, I’m happy to write and educate more about the five elements, the principles of Chinese medicine. However this will all be decided by a vote on patreon at the end of each month.

This is an alternative to supporting me purely via readings – and if you do want to pay the monthly $9 USD subscription, you are entitled to 10% off every reading you book and when you refer a friend, they get 5% off their reading. These posts at the moment are once a month due to research and the details I want to put in. I might go up to two but I want to see how one feels.

All the other regular and short blog articles will still be available and I will make short extracts available of the deep dives, as well as the normal short form content.

Each commissioned post will be password protected. I will share the password on Patreon. The article for this month is a deep dive on the Dalai Lama’s face and nature.

If this is something you’d like to support, you can do so via

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New Meditation: The Wisdom of The Fire

I’ve finally uploaded it onto YouTube (see link below) and Insight Timer. Please check it out and let me know what you think.

“This track is halfway between fairytale and guided meditation. We follow a story of a fire and how he has managed his emotions and how he listens to his heart. If we evolve these natural fire-ey qualities in our lives, how much easier would it be? This is the 3rd in a 5-part series based on the 5 element system of Chinese Medicine, encouraging us to return to the natural world.  Listening to the first and second meditations in the series is recommended but not required.”

If you enjoy this meditation (or any of the others) and find yourself coming back to listen to it repeatedly, please consider supporting me further by donating to my Patreon, emailing me and requesting to purchase for £30, or making a one time donation through PayPal or through Insight timer.

Another Way to Winter

I’ve been looking at the five elements, the principles of Chinese Medicine, to understand how to do winter if it’s not a doing time.

In 5E theory the colour associated with Winter is black. It’s a dark time. So if we’re in the dark doing is impossible because our sight is gone, so we must navigate the world by “feeling.” Though this feeling isn’t from our emotions, another way to describe this feeling is sensing.

So winter is perfect time to develop these senses, listen to your gut feeling more and more, develop your intuitive nature.

If you’re in the dark then you need to explore. If you’re in the dark nothing will be straight and forcing it to be so, it’s against nature.

The question, if you have to “do” anything at all this winter (which I know we all do) it’s not a matter of doing but how you do it. As my yoga teacher says, “how you move matters.”

The sense organ in Chinese Medicine associated with Winter (and intuition) are the ears, So another way to describe this feeling or sensing is listening.

The act of developing intuition is the act of listening before you act.

So as we go through this time, how can you listen more to yourself and what you want?

When we practice intuition we are healed.

An obvious example in my life is my yoga practice.

It feels so uphill and difficult for me to stick to any sort of routine but I need to keep my daily yoga practice in order to feel sane. So what do I do? I have an allotted time in which I do whatever I want, whatever I feel my body needs. If my body craves something more intense, we do intense. If it wants something slow, we go slow. If it wants five minutes, we’re going to have five minutes. For me it’s the turning up and listening that counts, not the forced discipline.

And perhaps even listen to how something wants to be done before you do it 😉 It might be a better way to winter.

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Photo by Aaron Burden

How To Heal Emotional Pain

If there’s one thing more inevitable in life than death and taxes, pain is it.

One question that has been in my mind over the years is, “If pain is inevitable, then how do you heal it? How do you cope?” And this question is always in my mind when reading about the suffering in the world – I see it to be all caused by emotional pain which has stagnated into darkness. Which is sometimes violent. Sometimes not.

Physical pain and physical wounds are very different to emotional, that much we know.

If I was cut, there would be blood which I would need to clean, apply pressure, get a bandage. If the cut was severe, I’d need to call emergency services and go to a hospital and receive urgent medical attention. Then in a few weeks and maybe longer, poof! A scar.

It’s all very linear and time orientated.

But if there was any emotional trauma in the mind from that cut – say if I was attacked and stabbed – the process of healing would be much, much longer and trickier.

And this is the other thing – it’s non-linear and not time orientated (in that you could be dealing with this trauma for a long time).

The topic of this article is obviously very long and requires more attention than I can give it, so I’m going to try and make a point on this topic that could help you.

Back to non-linear.

Chinese Medicine associates healing as an activity with the image of water in nature. Is water a linear thing? Rivers curve and bend, meander and wander. Go this and that way. Even the sea is controlled by the moon, which over the years has be associated with mystery. Healing and being healed, recovery and recovering, are mysterious non-linear things.

In order to heal emotional pain, you need to ease your frustrations and expectations for this to be done in a month. You need to know that your healing process with slow, but also random and unexpected. You need to be as patient as the river is.

Second thing:

In this western world, there is an assumption, or at least a cultural standard, that the tangible physical world is the real world.

When that is our baseline, then the natural assumption is that what is not physical is not real and all in our heads.

So when it comes to emotional pain, our inner worlds, our emotions and other’s emotions, we’ve been conditioned that it’s not real and because it’s not real, not tangible, there’s no framework to heal and deal, even less to acknowledge and accept the emotional pain.

So the third thing:

To heal your emotional pain, you need to know that it’s real and that the world inside that you have, is also real. As real as flesh and blood, as real as the clothes you wear, as real as your pet cat, as real as the incident that started all of this.

And the actual act of healing? It’s too much to write and detail here, and also highly personal.

But a tip: if healing is associated with water in Chinese Medicine, then think on how water is. Water doesn’t do anything, it simply is. It’s “being.”

That’s the hardest thing to understand about healing emotional pain, is learning how to be with it, notice, listen, focus on it fully, rather than “doing” anything with it, as doing can sometimes easily become ignoring through action.

(Might be back to face reading tips next week, felt like writing more about the principles of Chinese Medicine this week.)

Speak soon!


What Do Full Lips Mean?

Each feature on a persons face shows their experience.

What the mouth represents in Chinese Medicine is how well we understand and how well we do in relationships, so it shows us someone’s experience of interpersonal relationships.

A person with a full mouth understand the language of relationships very well, almost innately. So they know how to take care of their friendships and relationships.

Unless there are other features in the face that diminish this affect,  having this mouth makes them makes them very generous and kind. An upper and lower lip equal in size indicates a sensual and emotionally expressive person.

And lastly, the size of the mouth is to do with the relationship we have with our mother.

A person with a full mouth, her mother was likely to be the one important and most significant relationship she had in life.

Angelina Jolie, from what I’ve read, seems to have had this relationship with her own mother. Here’s a short video clip if you’d like to watch it:

What Does A Strong Jawline Mean?

Chinese Face Reading calls jawlines such as Mr Malek’s, “the strong roots of the tree.”

A tree who has strong roots, such as a large oak, will not been easily blown over or swayed. So when someone has this jawline it means they have a strong system of beliefs or ethics that isn’t available to be swayed by public opinion. They’re stubborn.

Because of this strong system, some people will feel subconsciously protected by this person – as if they can speak up on their behalf.

Every feature in Chinese face reading has an upside and a downside.

The downside to this jawline can mean that someone is too fixed in their beliefs.

If you present or contradict their views, even if your argument is logically the better, they will not listen. Sometimes with this person it’s either their way or the high way!

Lastly, one more important thing about a strong jawline – you have about three seconds to make a good impression!

It’s not that this person is judgemental, it’s just that once they have an idea of who you are in their minds, it’s incredibly difficult for them to change like it’s difficult to change how the roots of a tree grow.

Do you know someone who’s had plastic surgery on their jaw?

If it was to strengthen their jaw, did you notice them becoming more decided in their opinions?

Or, if it was to weaken it, did you notice them becoming more flexible and open minded?

Or, has the above described you or a friend?

Let me know in the comments below!!

Much love,



An Example of a Face Reading

Time for a quick face reading!!

Most signs on this woman’s face tells me that she will be quick with words, she may have a sharp tongue and be precise when speaking. You may find her very funny. However, don’t expect jokes coming out of her mouth at a mile a minute. She’ll be very focussed.

She’ll be quick with a joke but her sense of humor will be sarcastic, so when emotional (unless there’s nothing in the birth date to counteract this) and upset her strategy will be the offensive. She’ll stick to her guns and expect you to keel over.

I can tell this from the sharp to hooked inner canthi (the shape of the skin around her tear duct), in combination with her high cheekbones looking as if they come out from the ear (sarcastic sense of humour). Her jaw tells me about her stubbornness but also that she is highly principled person. She’s very good at defending the little guy.

There some interesting information which conflicts on her face.

The slight cleft in her nose indicates someone who may be emotionally vulnerable, too openhearted, more easily hurt in relationships. If this mark has appeared recently it means she suffered heartbreak.

In contrast to this is her eyes.

The eyes are the window to the soul. Having deep set eyes and with the eye lid almost coming down to the pupil, means quite literally, someone who isn’t emotionally open. Who is uncomfortable with discussing emotions and prefers to keep their cards close to their chest – and is proud of that.

So having this together on a face there are several options:

Though possible she has suffered a heart break recently.

Or more likely emotional vulnerability is her very secret and tiny Achilles heel. It’s not a very distinct line, nor very deep, so the impact it has on her personality is minimal.

So if you were in a relationship with this woman you might find out somewhere along the line this teeny tiny dash of an open heart.

If this woman were a colleague of yours and you showed me this picture for a reading, my advice would be in order to befriend her:

1. Don’t talk about emotions or sentimental things. However it’s fine to tell jokes. In her mind at work you work.
2. Don’t be offended if she doesn’t tell you much about herself. You might be the one doing all the talking!
3. You’ll need to let her “win” in arguments, especially over the small stuff. Pick your battles.

In summary, we have someone who is strong, principled and forthright with a sharp sense of humour.

I hope that has whetted your appetite and given insight into what face readings are and how I do them.

What do full upper cheeks mean?

Do you have prominent upper cheeks like this woman?

These cheeks are associated with the archetype of the ruler, a king a queen. Now when a king gives orders, people follow it through. There is no arguing or second guessing. And it’s the same with you.

Because of this you have greater likelihood than others to end up in a position of authority, easily running a household, a business or a company. As these cheeks give you the ability to say what is needed and communicate what’s required in any situation.

Depending on the other features in your face, you might find it incredibly easy to voice your thoughts.

The downside to this is that others may call you “bossy” and you may share opinions when people don’t want to hear them.

Or easily conflate your opinion with an order, since you say things with such authority. This could rub some people up the wrong way.

Does this sound like you or anyone you know?